Jayabharath Rice Mill is mainly involved in the manufacturing and exporting of quality rice, rice products etc. We are supplying all types of rice with quality in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The Products are sold all over the world.

The factory of Jayabharath Modern Rice Mill is located in the green, pollution-free middle town of Thrissur and Palakkad districts, Vadakkencherry in Kerala, South India. This facility is equipped with the latest technology in the world for every aspect of processing of paddy-right from destoning, cleaning, drying, de-husking, bran-removal, polishing and finally sorting.

Jayabharath Modern Rice Mill is one of the best rice mills in South India to use the Z-sortex machine capable of optical inspection for quality control. This machine scans every grain of rice and removes discolored, broken and immature rice, ensuring that only rice that meets the specification calibrated in the computer is selected for packaging. The result - beautiful rice of even size, color and bran that is a feast for the eyes and a wholesome meal. We maintains the quality and perfection of the rice products.